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Virus:32 (2022)

Virus:32 (2022)

GENRES:Movies / Horror
DIRECTOR:Gustavo Hernández
CAST:Daniel Hendler, Paula Silva, Franco Rilla
Rating: 0
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Iris is a young mother. She is raising a child alone. It is difficult for her to cope with earning money, caring for her family, and the heroine does not even think about her personal life. She works in an abandoned gym. Its purpose is to protect the building and internal equipment. Usually she found someone to leave her daughter with, but one night she had to take the little man with her. The night began at the usual pace, they arrived at the place, went inside and calmly looked for something to do with themselves. Despite her age, the girl was fearless and agile. They were practically outside the city, far from the center. Suddenly, an alarm was announced due to some dangerous virus. Something infects people and makes them possessed. They no longer control themselves, their consciousness dies, only the body and physical activity remain. A person turns into a zombie, harms others, wanting to get to human flesh. There was no plan of action against terrible creatures, so everyone was saved by their own methods. Iris assumed they would never reach the isolated, locked building, but she was wrong. In the near future, zombies made their way into the room where the child was. The woman had to fight not only for her survival, the life of her daughter was in the first place.

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