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Fear the Walking Dead Season 8

Fear the Walking Dead Season 8

CAST:Lennie James, Alycia Debnam-Carey, Colman Domingo, Danay García, Austin Amelio, Mo Collins, Alexa Nisenson, Karen David, Christine Evangelista, Colby Hollman, Jenna Elfman
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Travis works as a teacher in one of the ordinary schools, the day before he had to endure a divorce from his wife and now he is trying to build a new relationship, having met the head of the women's council, Madison. The woman has her own problems, including a son struggling with drug addiction and an ambitious young daughter with whom she can't get along.
Nobody knows about the virus yet, it all starts with strange events taking place throughout the country - the authorities record cases of sudden attacks of people on each other, inexplicable outbursts of rage. At first, no one understood the scale of the tragedy, but gradually the world realized that it was facing a global threat - a terrible virus that turns people into bloodthirsty and ruthless zombies that neither the police nor the military can cope with. People find themselves face to face with a huge problem, the authorities cannot help, so the only hope is for themselves and their loved ones.
Fear the Walking Dead is not a prequel to The Walking Dead, but a completely new movie with its own special atmosphere and style. In the old project, there was a story about the survivors who tried to escape the apocalypse in the new world after the virus, and in Fear the Walking Dead, the creators show how a tragedy is born, how people react to it and cope with it. Attention is paid to the problem of family relationships, such qualities as courage, self-control.
Like the old Walking Dead, the atmosphere in Fear the Walking Dead is tense, the plot is intriguing because you don't know what to expect. The creators of the new project understood that they had to try, because the rating of the past series went off scale, so they offered the viewer a stylish picture with a dynamic visual range, good acting and an atmosphere of growing universal panic. Fans of The Walking Dead shouldn't miss this series for anything as it tells them how the zombie invasion began

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