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The Chi Season 5

The Chi Season 5

GENRES:TV Shows / Crime / Drama
CAST:Jacob Latimore, Alex R. Hibbert, Shamon Brown Jr., Michael Epps, Yolonda Ross, Birgundi Baker, Ntare Guma Mbaho Mwine, Tyla Abercrumbie, Hannaha Hall, Curtiss Cook
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The series tells about the difficult everyday life of the inhabitants of the southern districts of Chicago, where crazy events are constantly taking place.
We get to know the inhabitants of the poorest district of Chicago, where hundreds of African Americans of different ages and views of the world live. It seems that the police and authorities have long given up on them, leaving the area in the hands of the most dangerous criminals. In addition to ordinary people, drug dealers, robbers, scammers and even murderers live here, ready to make any sacrifice to get a couple of hundred dollars. Law-abiding inhabitants have no choice but to risk their lives daily, hoping that one day something will change for the better.
Alex Hibbert is an ordinary boy dreaming of a better life. The guy just wants to get out of this damned area and become a wealthy person who will not need to be afraid of every rustle and starve. But in order for this to become a reality, Alex will have to make a lot of efforts and say goodbye to his childhood once and for all. Ahead of the protagonist and other numerous inhabitants of the area are waiting for fateful events that will force them to reconsider their views on the whole world around them.

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