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Don't Breathe 3

Don't Breathe 3

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War does not leave people the same. It changes destinies, character, nervous system. Combat veterans are special people whose psyche is crippled by the deaths of friends.
Rocky is a young girl living in Detroit with her sister and an alcoholic mother who got mixed up with the same man. They drink up all the benefits paid by the state for a child. The girl's dream is to collect the right amount of money and run away with her sister to any other city to start a new, normal life.
She worries about her younger sister, because she watches the drunken antics of her mother and stepfather every day. The only problem is that Rocky doesn't know where and how to earn money honestly. With good goals, the girl is ready to commit a crime.
With her boyfriend and girlfriend, Rocky trades robbery. They practice burglary in their neighborhood. Meni, the leader of the gang in which the main character is a member, found out where a blind and very rich man, Norman Nordstrom, lives, who received about three hundred thousand dollars in compensation for the death of his daughter. The only thing that the trio did not take into account when planning the robbery is that the blind man is a combat veteran from the Persian Gulf.
Carefully thought out and more than once worked out actions – to launch a sleeping gas into the room, open an unsophisticated cache and take cash. Everything went according to plan, even the bandits neutralized the dog, but opening the lock on the front door with a shot, they woke Norman up. The veteran of the special forces turned off the lights in the house, killed Meni and began hunting for the rest of the thieves.

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