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9 Bullets (2022)

9 Bullets (2022)

GENRES:Movies / Crime / Drama / Thriller
DIRECTOR:Gigi Gaston
CAST:Lena Headey, Dean Scott Vazquez, Sam Worthington, Barbara Hershey, La La Anthony, Cam Gigandet, Marc Menchaca, Marlene Forte, Stephanie Arcila, Emma Holzer
Rating: 0
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Gypsy is tired of entertaining people, especially the disgusting lustful burlesque lovers, men, she wants a change. She ponders and doubts about her future destiny. What is worth doing? The heroine of the film is sure of one thing: she categorically does not want to start a family, especially children.

With a lover from criminal circles, the girl broke off a long-term relationship. Her lonely existence is invaded by an 11-year-old neighbor. Right in front of Sam, the bandits killed his parents, he managed to escape. The boy is trembling with fear and the ex-dancer decides to go on the run with the child.

Killers of witnesses do not leave even small ones. We'll have to find a common language with the boy, but it's wiser to make friends. The orphan has only a dog left, he has no relatives. It turned out that one of the murderers of the neighbor couple is the ex-boyfriend of the fugitive. So much the better: she knows how he can act and think. The tragedy develops into a bloody massacre. A woman and a boy rallied together, finding themselves in a deadly situation.

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