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Diabolik Lovers Season 3

Diabolik Lovers Season 3

GENRES:Anime / Fantasy / Romance / Drama
CAST:Rie Suegara, Hiroko Ushida, Yuuko Sasamoto, Takashi Kondo, Kaoru Sasajima, Kaori Mizuhashi
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Never before the heroine of the anime “Diabolik Lovers Season 3”Yui Komori did not have so much to communicate with strange, if not sinister, young men, cute in appearance, but incredibly dangerous for everyone living. Fate brought her to this school, in which only representatives of vampire families studied under the cover of night.
It just so happened that due to the departure of her father - a priest of one of the many churches in a small town - the girl had to urgently move to the mansion of distant relatives. It was from the move that those strange events began that made Yui think about her place in this difficult society of fresh blood lovers.
The secrets that surrounded the new student of the school herself, and all the claims of young vampires not only for her attention, but also for her blood, could not but lead to numerous problems. All the misadventures of the girl, the incomprehensible events in which she was drawn against her will, could complicate the life of any person. But Komori had to somehow exist among these unusual demihumans, communicating every night with strange classmates. And, since it was not possible to escape on the first day, you have to somehow arrange your life and try to enlist the support of all these handsome men. And the help of friends can be needed at any second.

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