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Maid-sama Season 2

Maid-sama Season 2

GENRES:Anime / Comedy / Drama
CAST:Kenichi Suzumura, Shiibashi Kazuyoshi, Riyama Takuya, Ayumi Fujimura, Nobuhiko Okamoto, Kaori Ishihara, Mariya Ise
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Those who have ever heard of or attended the Seika Private School for Boys, as shown in the animated film "Maid-sama Season 2 ”, he will immediately feel the unforgettable aura of teenage maximalism and aggression that has saturated the walls of this institution. And the atrocities of the pupils of the school became a real scourge for the entire district, and every outsider tried to bypass this hotbed of lack of culture by a long journey. For a long time, the leadership made attempts to curb this wayward freemen, and in the end they decided to introduce co-education by opening classes for girls, however, such an experiment seemed too doubtful. Only not for the young Misaki Ayuzawa - athletes, excellent students and most importantly, the first in the history of Seika, the president of the student council, it was the girl, and the heroine, who set herself the goal of bringing the long-awaited order and real discipline to this temple of science. Soon, the male team, from their own experience, was convinced of the exorbitant severity and man-hatred of this young person, and among the female half, Misaki is the hope and symbol of the school. Only there is a secret that the heroine herself keeps from others.
When Misaki was still young, her father abandoned her family, leaving behind huge debts, which laid an exorbitant burden on the shoulders of her mother, who alone raised the heroine herself and her little sister. In order to help her mother, the girl gets a part-time job in a cafe, hoping that no one from the school will find out about this, because it can hit her image as a president.

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