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Suits season 10

Suits season 10

GENRES:TV Shows / Comedy / Drama
CAST:Gabriel Macht, Sarah Rafferty, Amanda Schull, Rick Hoffman, Dulé Hill, Katherine Heigl
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The intriguing plot "Suits Season 10" introduces a young, purposeful guy who dreamed of getting a law degree from his youth, only a seemingly harmless scam, selling exam tests, forced the student to leave the coveted department. Having a phenomenal memory, a unique mind, he had to exist for a long time at the expense of small earnings. Another character is a high-profile lawyer, holding an excellent position as a corporate lawyer for a Manhattan company, where one consultation costs a huge amount for the client. Shortly after receiving the job, he is soon promoted to Senior Partner.
Fate brought the guys together during the qualifying session, where Mike was looking for a candidate for the role of the closest assistant, and the unfortunate young man diligently hid among the applicants from the police raid. The employer, after a short interview, was incredibly surprised by the high intelligence of a well-read person, most importantly, by his encyclopedic knowledge of the articles of the law, as well as by his truly sincere desire to become a lawyer. The youngster is immediately hired. However, from the first days, the recruit feels a serious rejection from another old-timer, who previously hoped for a coveted place, but in many respects loses to the hero. An additional problem is the need to carefully hide from the team, incomplete education, although this requirement is mandatory for all employees. The youth has to endure numerous tests on an unpresentable issue of the past, as well as on many other matters. Soon, the character becomes close friends with an attractive lady from the next department, their strictly working relationship takes on an amorous character.

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