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Ballers Season 6

Ballers Season 6

GENRES:TV Shows / Sport / Crime / Drama
CAST:Dwayne Johnson, Rob Corddry, John David Washington, Omar Benson Miller, Troy Garity, London Brown, Donovan W. Carter
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This type of competition is the most beloved, spectacular for a multimillion-dollar cohort of fans, mainly from the USA, because it is around this popular sport that the further vicissitudes of the fascinating, bewitching plot "Ballers Season 6" unfold. American football originally appeared as a separate kind of sports battles among the poor of the new continent, gathering crowds of restless fans around it. Talented stars were born among fans of the team game, earning titles, huge fortunes, becoming idols for young people who dream of loud, unfading glory. Crazy money was spinning around the chosen participants, attracting cunning, dodgy businessmen who want to profit at the expense of others, which often led to criminal tragedies. Soon, after a considerable period of time, those who wish all over the world begin to get involved in the game, achieving previously unseen results.
The hero of the story, a wise, highly experienced professional, recently shone in the arenas, admiring entire stadiums with his skill, speed, sudden attacks, but the inexorable time forced the guy to end his brilliant career. Over the past period, inextricably linked with his favorite pastime, the man managed to earn serious capital, most importantly, great fame, repeated champion titles. But often, in addition to visible achievements, he was unshakably accompanied by monstrous scandals, which often brought unthinkable problems to mentors and the owner of the club. Only this circumstance is long in the past, and the character will have to decide on the future, having settled down as a financial manager for novice players.

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