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Everything for what we fell in love with.

The cult series was shot on the basis of the simplest remarks, which allows the viewer to plunge into the atmosphere of the American youth of the 90s. Actions take place in Manhattan, the time period of which almost completely coincides with the time of the filming (1994 - 2004 years).
The main thought of the pilot series begins with the moment Rachel in a wedding dress enters the Central Perk cafe. As it turned out, she left her lover right at the wedding altar, precisely at this moment she realized that she didn't love him at all and this was a mistake of her whole life. Left without the support of a rich father, Rachel literally remains on the street without money. Her school friend Monica suggests her move into her apartment. As it became known, she was the teenage love of Ross (Monica's older brother), who still harbors warm feelings, despite the fact that he was already married and managed to divorce. The neighbors of the girls are Chandler (who works in a highly paid job, while ardently hating it) and Joseph (a failed actor who does not lose hope of becoming famous one day). Phoebe is also involved in the series (a girl who does not have a profession, with a dubious talent for singing, but good massage abilities).

All together, they are six friends who win the hearts of the viewer from first sight. Each viewer can find something in common between themselves and these such simple and native characters. The life story of the magnificent six shows us how they through friendship, mutual understanding and support, and of course not without great notes of humor, go through all the difficulties of life that each of us faced.
The premiere of the first season held on September 22, 1994, on NBC, brought world fame and gave impetus to the development of the career of the entire main cast.

Cast and their characters

Spoiled by money, Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) realizes that, for a long time she will not be able to live at the expense of her friend, and decides to build her career. But what does a girl know, if she hasn't worked even a day in her entire life? Of course, becoming a sales consultant of luxury clothes, because fashion is something that she definitely knows. Later she receives a job offer from the Ralph Lauren fashion house.
Still suffering from youth complexes Monica (Courtney Cox-Arquette), who is constantly not evaluated, a talented cook, she finally finds a dream job, a chef in a popular restaurant.

The father of sarcasm Chandler (Matthew Perry), having worked at the statistics department for a long time, having retired, falls into a completely different job.
Charming Joe (Matt LeBlanc), goes to various casting sessions, which result in fleeting film roles and advertising funds for the elderly and sick. But once his agent arranges an audition for the television series "Days of Our Lives", which is gaining popularity, in which he gets the main role.
The insecure doctor of paleontology, Ross (David Schwimmer), has long worked in the museum of the historical times, later receives an offer to lecture at the university.

Not much strange, but no less charming Phoebe (Lisa Kudrow), who has a difficult relationship with her twin sister, makes a living singing in a cafe. One of her songs, "Smelly Cat," was copyrighted, and later it was performed by one of the popular group.

The opinion of critics and love of fans.

Initially, the series was met by film critics, not very well. After the release of the first series, it was spaced into dusk and ashes. But later the opinion totally changed. So columnist Lucy Mangen wrote the next review.

For ten years, the legendary series and its characters have become part of our family. It was a serial that revealed the usual problems of the average American. About the fact that he loves, where he goes to rest, in which apartment he lives, and what he dresses in. But at the same time, no matter how perfect life may seem, there are pitfalls in it, that are clearly reflected in the plan of the plot itself.
The television series won six Emmy Awards and a Golden Globe Award. It was broadcast in most countries of the world, which contributed to the appearance of a large army of fans.

Friends Season 11 release date as a gift for the fans.

Sometimes dreams come true, this statement can be attributed to the news about the return of the six we have long loved. The original release date was set for May 2020, but due to the current situation in the world, the seats had to be postponed several times, as well as the release date.
The creators note that the legendary cast will remain unchanged. And again we can plunge into the world of "Friends." They also shared information that they did not want to rush with the series shooting, since such a long wait of fans should be awarded the most interesting and memorable episodes. The date of release of the long-awaited story on the widescreen is still not known.

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