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The Bold Type Season 6

The Bold Type Season 6

GENRES:TV Shows / Comedy / Drama
CAST:Katie Stevens, Aisha Dee, Meghann Fahy, Melora Hardin, Stephen Conrad Moore
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Jane, Sutton and Cat are friends who work for the American editorial office of the world famous glossy magazine Scarlet. Each of them initially held the position of assistant editor-in-chief. After four years, Jane got the opportunity to write articles for the magazine, as she was promoted. And the girl's first task is to pursue her ex-lover without using social networks.
Two years ago, Kat finally landed the position of social media director. Sutton is still working as an assistant, and tries not to feel worse than the girlfriends. Girlfriends soon learn Sutton's secret - she has an affair with Richard, a member of the board of directors of the publication.
Sutton tries to win a promotion, and Lauren, who is unaware of her affair with Richard, arranges for the girl to interview him, allowing her to get a job in the advertising department. Jacqueline entrusts Jane with a sex column, and she is forced to turn to a sexologist for inspiration.
Kat begins to take a liking to Adena, the girl from the August issue of the magazine. However, the situation is complicated by the fact that Adena has a girlfriend, in addition, Adena turns to Kat for a letter of recommendation, which is necessary in order to extend her visa.

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