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The Expanse Season 6

The Expanse Season 6

DIRECTOR:Breck Eisner, Jeff Woolnough, Terry McDonough
CAST:Wes Chatham, Dominique Tipper, Steven Strait, Shohreh Aghdashloo, Cas Anvar, Frankie Adams, Cara Gee, Shawn Doyle, Thomas Jane, Florence Faivre
Rating: 2
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Man is so constructed that he is always and everything is not enough: it is not enough to know the secret of our vast Universe, it is necessary to rule and control it. Whether this is good or bad is a difficult and controversial question. However, each person is uniquely interested, at least in thoughts, to imagine what it could be like. And the creators of the American science fiction television series "The Expanse Season 6" allow such curious and suffering new discoveries to imagine and even see a similar outcome on the film. Events unfold after several hundred years from our time.


The world has changed dramatically and for a modern person it can show as fiction, but for the main characters this is an ordinary life, because the solar system has been colonized by humanity, new worlds and planets have been discovered. But this expansion gave rise to a number of huge problems, because man dragged along with him numerous vices to new planets, which can finally break the integrity of the existence of the Universe.


The result was the confrontation between the population of the Earth, Mars and the asteroid belt. And then one day detective Joseph Miller from Ceres of the planet, which is under the protectorate of the Earth, was intervened in a difficult story. Trying to solve the mystery of the disappearance of Juliet Mao, the daughter of an influential person, he gets on the Canterbury ship and, together with the surviving members of the team, tries to understand what is happening around and where this is all leading. And the final, as the creators of the project themselves assure, the season will open incredible intrigues, mysteries and will be unexpected even for the most devoted and attentive to details fans.

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