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American Gods Season 4

American Gods Season 4

GENRES:Movies / Fantasy / Drama / Sci-Fi
DIRECTOR:Bryan Fuller, Neil Gaiman
CAST:Ricky Whittle, Emily Browning, Yetide Badaki, Bruce Langley, Ian McShane, Omid Abtahi, Crispin Glover, Demore Barnes, Pablo Schreiber, Orlando Jones
Rating: 1
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Life is unpredictable and at any turn something can happen that you do not expect and is not ready to deal with such life situations. This is exactly what happened with the hero of the popular science fiction series "American Gods Season 4". Even before his life could not be called calm and measured, but what fate had in store for him, and what role it allocated, it certainly became a difficult test for him. Not everyone is given to walk this path and withstand their own internal opposition, when reason and logic have to recede into the background before irrational reality.

A simple and charming man named Shadow Moon spent some time in jail because of his stupidity and haste, although his inner core did not let him down. And now he is on the way to a free life, which he decides to start from scratch, and if not to correct past mistakes, then at least not to commit new ones. From day to day it will happen, but his beloved wife Laura dies in a car accident. And on the way home from the funeral, the hero, who does not understand how to live further, meets a strange and mysterious man who introduced himself to him as Mr. Wednesday.

This is how a new life of the hero begins, in which he is assigned the role of a fighter in the war of "old" and "new" Gods. Who will prevail - those who have been ruling the universe for hundreds of years or those who have come only recently, but are actively advancing in their endeavors? The viewer will be able to find out very soon, through understanding what is happening the hero himself, who in this new reality for him and for humanity as a whole is a guide or mediator between the opposing divine sides.

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