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Lie To Me Season 4

Lie To Me Season 4

GENRES:TV Shows / Crime / Drama
CAST:Tim Roth, Kelli Williams, Monica Raymund, Brendan Hines, Hayley McFarland
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A person has many vices, but the most interesting and quite recognizable is the lie, the main person involved in the criminal-detective serial plot. Everyday lies are never very harmless, they lead to many inevitable consequences and even terrible crimes, which are investigated by the scientist Laitman. A unique psychologist is able to read all body gestures, thanks to his perfect knowledge, this person can accurately determine when his interlocutor is lying, which greatly helps the police in investigating the most intricate and tricky crimes. But not all criminals are equally simple, among them there are not bad psychologists, moreover, created by natural life experience, some have the appropriate education or just a mindset. However, not one of them is able to outwit Lightman, the non-verbal signs that he sees reveal the true human appearance of the interlocutor.
There are very few such specialists, so the professor always has a lot of work, given his cooperation with the police and the FBI, as well as other services and just private individuals. However, thanks to him, people not only bear a fair punishment for their crimes, but can also avoid prison due to their own innocence, recognized and proven by this unique person. Cal even began to write his own book on the signs and possible manifestations of a lie, however, due to being constantly busy, he stopped on the first page and put his scientific work aside for the time being. Together with Lightman, there is a group of guys whom the boss highly trusts, however, one of the team members, Loker, tried to bluff, imagining himself as a specialist, but was exposed by the boss and now a serious conflict is brewing within the group. Forest, not wanting to let the far-sighted boss into his personal relationships, he is afraid to get comments from him, and then, disappointment in the subject of his own passion. Cal himself undergoes personal troubles, but lets it float freely, plunging into a new investigation, for this becoming a patient psychiatric closed dispensary.

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