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Sherlock Season 5

Sherlock Season 5

DIRECTOR:Mark Gatiss, Steven Moffat
CAST:Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman, Una Stubbs, Rupert Graves, Louise Brealey, Mark Gatiss, Andrew Scott, Amanda Abbington, Jonathan Aris, Vinette Robinson
Rating: 6
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The main idea.

The series, based on Conan Doyle's manuscript of a brilliant detective, was commissioned by BBC Wales and was presented to the public in July 2010. The picture has undergone several changes compared to the original, this time all actions unfold in modern times. Seemingly strange Holmes in search of a neighbor, meet a military doctor who returned from the war in Afghanistan. Dr. John finds the new neighbor quite extravagant and eccentric, he is struck by his phenomenal mental abilities, because of which Holmes is very often approached by police officers when things come to a standstill. It would seem that there is no such task that he could not solve, but the equally gifted Moriarty will make him sweat.

Possibility of shown Sherlock Season 5.

Probably every ardent fan wonders when at last he will be able to see the continuation of the legendary detective. The series can still return on Netflix and BBC screens. At the moment, there is no exact date, but it was leaked that the film adaptation would be possible in 2022-2023.
Lead actors Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman are likely to remain unchanged.
The creators of the series also shared information that they are learning the manuscripts of A.K. Doyle, to get inspiration for the new season.

The opinion of critics and awards.

As soon as the series appeared on the screens, it not only won the hearts of the audience but also received many positive reviews from critics.
According to the British newspaper The Telegraph, Benedict is the best embodiment of Holmes. Critics also praised the work of the screenwriters, as they thought through everything to the trifles in episodes related to forensic science.

"The Independent" considered the series quite informative, and also noted that, despite the change in time of events, they were able to preserve the original spirit of the criminal detective. As well as the excellent play and charisma of the actors gave a special charm to the project.
The series is well received not only by the British, but also by American critics. Who also noted the excellent work of screenwriters and the fantastic play of artists.

During broadcasting the 2nd season, the creator had to reduce each episode by at least 8 minutes so that the episodes could fit in the time slot. Thus, they cut many interesting points, which influenced the appearance of negative reviews from viewers.
Due to its popularity, the series was given several awards, such as BAFTA - for the best drama series and Peabody Awards in 2011
In the first 10 days of the broadcastings of first and second seasons, the series received the attention of more than 8 million viewers

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