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Blood Lad Season 2

Blood Lad Season 2

GENRES:Anime / Comedy / Fantasy / Drama
CAST:Ryohei Kimura, Sarah Emi Bridcutt, Iori Nomizu, Yuuka Nanri, Ryota Osaka
Rating: 0
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Japanese cartoonists working in the anime genre presented their interpretation of the history of the relationship between a vampire and a human. The main character of the released work was a young vampire named Staz, who prefers to live in Japan. However, the creature's home is a ghost town located in the underworld. Staz is destined to be a blood-sucking killer, but the guy himself decides what he needs. He loves people.
According to the plot of the animated series "Blood Lad Season 2", the cute beauty Fuyumi accidentally gets into the infernal city. Staz is very happy with the guest, but he understands that it is extremely dangerous for a girl to be in hell. Fuyumi swallows a terrible killer flower, a noble young vampire aims to resurrect the beauty and then send her home. The young lady has become a ghost and can now be friends with Staz. The city is ruled not only by a vampire, but also by a werewolf, who is his best friend. They communicate well, although they cannot do without roughness. Returning to Fuyumi, I need to write a little about her past. The young lady's mother was kidnapped by a demonic doppelgänger and dragged into hell by him. No one knows what happened or where she is now. The story of the vampire is original in that he refused to drink blood. For what he was punished - relatives said that now Staz is a real enemy. The young vampire took a liking to Fuyumi. During the first season, they became close friends, and in the second their relationship will move into a new phase. It should be added that Staz has a brother and sister. Braz is the older relative of the hero, and Liz is the younger sister.

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