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The Mindy Project Season 7

The Mindy Project Season 7

GENRES:TV Shows / Comedy
CAST:Mindy Kaling, Ed Weeks, Ike Barinholtz, Beth Grant, Xosha Roquemore, Fortune Feimster
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Life is so complicated that sometimes it is very difficult to understand it. Mindy Lahiri hasn't figured out what to do with her destiny for years now. The heroine had to endure many difficulties. She repeatedly built relationships with guys, but because of her straightforwardness, she diverged. However, even despite the fact that many men are no longer going to try to build relationships with her, the heroine still has a lot of fans. They want to push a woman to start a new relationship, only the young lady cannot yet figure out herself and her personal life.
Also, the main character has problems at work. She is too inquisitive and annoying, so no one wants to give her a job. Having coped with the main negative qualities of his character, Lahiri begins to go on dates with Ben. At the same time, Jody actively looks after her. To make the guy understand that he has no chance, the girl decides to move in with her boyfriend. Now they can try to live the way many couples live. It will be a great relationship experience. Jeremy continues to meet with the beautiful Anna. He hopes for a more serious relationship, since he has been dating a young lady for a long time. All heroes will expect new difficulties and funny situations.

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