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The King's Avatar Season 3

The King's Avatar Season 3

CAST:Zhang Jie, Ching Ip, Xinzhu Tong, Shiyu Qiao, Xin Teng, Lei Xia
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Continuation of the animated series, which is an adaptation of the Chinese novel of the same name about gamers who have made computer games their profession.
Ye Xiu, a player who has reached unprecedented heights in the multiplayer role-playing game 'Glory', one day is kicked out of the team that he led to the championship three times. Deciding to start over with a clean slate, he takes a job at an Internet cafe and registers on a new server as a regular user.
Thanks to his outstanding skills, the main character very quickly becomes the leader on the tenth server, which attracts the attention of almost all guilds, as well as professional cybersportsmen associated with them.
When the truth about his personality comes out, the guy decides to create his own team to participate in tournaments. To do this, the former legend teams up with the owner of the Internet cafe Chen Guo, and also finds several talented newcomers, with whom he is determined to once again conquer the top of 'Glory'.

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