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Wentworth Season 10

Wentworth Season 10

GENRES:TV Shows / Crime / Drama
CAST:Danielle Cormack, Nicole da Silva, Kate Atkinson, Robbie Magasiva, Kate Jenkinson, Tammy Macintosh, Jacqueline Brennan, David de Lautour, Pamela Rabe, Katrina Milosevic
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The action of the plot of the series takes place in our days in Australia. The filmmakers presented the audience with a modern adaptation that recreates the legendary characters and their stories for contemporaries. The tenth season of this series, like the previous ones, plunges viewers into the uncompromising world of a women's prison, where Bee Smith, a wife and mother from the suburbs, was serving a sentence for an attempt on her husband's life.
Fans of the series know what it cost for the main character to try to adapt to life behind bars. Once inside the prison, Bea had to manage her inner fears as she tried to advance through the hostile hierarchical prison system. Bea Smith found herself at the center of this power struggle while trying to survive in prison. After Bea Smith was dropped from the series at the end of the fourth season, the focus shifted to other characters.
According to the creators of the series "Wentworth", the tenth season should be the final one in this long-running female prison drama. This season, the prison will have a whole series of new characters that will create new problems and chaos in the prison society. As we remember from the previous season, the situation in Wentworth prison has not yet been resolved. And the arrival of a new administrator, Ann Reynolds (Jane Hall), who wants to make money by cutting spending and running her shady dealings with new governor Will Jackson (Robbie Magasiva), only adds to the conflict. Moreover, the new prisoner Sheila (Marta Duesseldorp) is connected with the cult, which is responsible for the massacres and arson, so the prisoners are not at all happy to see a newly arrived criminal in their ranks.

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