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Ray Donovan Season 8

Ray Donovan Season 8

GENRES:TV Shows / Action / Crime / Drama
CAST:Liev Schreiber, Eddie Marsan, Dash Mihok, Pooch Hall, Jon Voight, Kerris Dorsey, Alan Alda, Graham Rogers
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The protagonist is a specialist in solving difficulties, and only those who are able to pay, services are expensive, but the elite of the city needs them. Whatever happens, it is enough to call, and a team of professionals will do so, and what happened will not get into the press and will not become public. Stars like to use Ray's services: football players, singers, artists, they certainly do not need coverage of small and large misconduct.
It happens even more seriously, for example, the favorite of the public wakes up, and there is already a dead prostitute nearby, possibly an overdose, and so the fixer will come to the rescue and thoroughly clean the place of entertainment. There were never any interruptions with money, he pulls other people's fifth points out of trouble around the clock, periodically spending the night in a secret apartment where he can come with a girl. Yes, earthly vices are not alien to him, and not surprisingly, with all the tension in the professional field, at home, it is the relatives who become a source of stress, depression and tragic incidents, and in such cases, Donovan has to deal with the troubles that have recently fallen on his head a lot . It's all the fault of the father, who returned ahead of schedule from prison.
Once, Ray locked Mickey there, substituting it, in order to save the unfortunate relatives from the harmful influence of a careless dad.

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