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Rush Hour 4

Rush Hour 4

DIRECTOR:Brett Ratner
CAST:Chris Tucker, Jackie Chan, Hiroyuki Sanada, Max von Sydow, Yvan Attal, Roman Polanski, Philip Baker Hall, Noémie Lenoir, Youki Kudoh, Tzi Ma, Dana Ivey
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Once upon a time, policemen Carter and Lee could solve any crime together, overcoming any dangers and obstacles together. But many years have passed since those glorious times. Both protagonists have created families and are now raising children, moving away from risky assignments. In addition, both cops have gone on to promotions and spend most of their time in cozy offices doing paperwork.
Li is now the head of the Chinese police department, and Carter still managed to be persuaded to work for the FBI. It may seem that the characters calmed down and preferred peace, instead of daily fights, chases and gunfights. That's just the presence of wives and kids did not make partners inveterate homebodies. As before, a black talker and a clever Asian are ready to join forces if mortal danger hangs over civilians. And so it happened this time, when serious-minded terrorists took possession of ultra-modern weapons. In a matter of minutes, scoundrels can pulverize any world capital, which, of course, Carter and Lee cannot allow.

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