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Iron Man 4

Iron Man 4

DIRECTOR:Shane Black
CAST:Robert Downey Jr., Gwyneth Paltrow, Don Cheadle, Guy Pearce, Rebecca Hall, Ben Kingsley, Stephanie Szostak, James Badge Dale, William Sadler
Rating: 1
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He did sometimes find himself in situations where his life was at great risk, but thanks to his ingenuity, he managed to elude such situations every time.
After a long lull in the world, he again learns about another threat, which this time turns out to be many times stronger than all the previous ones combined. If earlier there were threats only to one city in which he actually lived, now this threat spread to the entire planet, and it was necessary to take simply cardinal decisions.
He again turns to the latest innovations among his technology, which should help him complete his plan of action. For all this, he does not have much time left and he needs to categorically do everything in time.

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