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The Darkness Outside (2022)

The Darkness Outside (2022)

GENRES:Movies / Horror / Mystery
DIRECTOR:Ryan Callaway
CAST:Briana Aceti, Haley Walter, Breanna Engle, Jenna Elise, Macy Rubin, Genevieve Tarrant, Rob Nicholson,
Rating: 0
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The main character Briana was pretty shocked by the news of the death of her beloved parents. This, of course, could not but have a very negative impact on the unstabilized fragile children's consciousness. The girl, previously so cheerful and happy, closed herself in, became silent and constrained. She instantly protected herself from the whole environment as if with a stone wall and did not let anyone near her. From the very beginning, her grandmother intended to take care of her. However, this did not happen, because the old woman had some health problems. Only the second cousin tried to surround her niece from all sides with affection and real care, which helped Briana to stir up and smile more often. However, one day a girl, who recently turned 8 years old, magically disappears from the house, because unfamiliar criminals kidnap her from the bedroom right late at night. Of course, the relatives, under the command of the old aunt Madeleine, are in great shock and they immediately begin the search, which the police also join, but none of them have any idea with what power they need to meet. As a result of the measures taken, all those involved in the rescue operation are already in danger.

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