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Golden compass 2

Golden compass 2

DIRECTOR:Chris Weitz
CAST:Nicole Kidman, Daniel Craig, Dakota Blue Richards, Ben Walker, Freddie Highmore, Ian McKellen, Eva Green, Jim Carter, Tom Courtenay, Ian McShane
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Lyra Belacqua is a young girl who has recently turned twelve years old. She lives in an unusual universe. The soul of each person here contains its material embodiment. This incarnation is called a daemon. Children change every day. But when the teenage period begins, the embodiment of a single soul is immediately visible. Lyra is an adopted child. She is not familiar with her own guardians. One good family from the Oxford Institute decided to take the girl into their care.

Once she found out that the kids began to disappear in the yard itself. These are not just maniacs or murderers - unrealistic forces are involved here. A little later Belacqua becomes aware of the silver dust. With her support, evil wizards have every chance to destroy entire worlds. Our plan is their immediate goal. The girl is well aware that in her hands are the lives of all the people of this world. She finds a magical compass. This item has a rather strange name - alethiometer. What is it and how will it help save our planet? The main character of the film will definitely find out all the details, and will perform the planned actions at any cost.

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