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The Nameless Days (2022)

The Nameless Days (2022)

DIRECTOR:Andrew Mecham , Matthew Whedon
CAST:Alexia Ioannides, Charles Halford, Andrew Roach, Ashley Marian Ramos, Ambyr Mishelle, Ali Kinkade, Trey Warner, Jeff Dickamore
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Nicole lives in a small Texas town located right on the Mexican border. Her dad has a small farm here where he grew up. Often there are incidents with migrants trying to illegally enter the United States.

One day after a run, Nicole goes to feed the livestock. But in a small shed, she discovers the remains of a dead chicken and someone's old things. No doubt one of the defectors spent the night here. After examining the backpack, the girl finds a strange Indian figurine, which, apparently, was taken as an amulet. Nicole quickly forgets about the find, much more worried about her quarrel with her father over her possible move to California.

But when they find several torn bodies on the other side of the border, everyone begins to understand that something inexplicable is going on here. The fears are also confirmed by the surviving young couple of Mexicans. According to them, a terrible demon from an ancient Aztec prediction is to blame.

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