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The Outfit (2022)

The Outfit (2022)

GENRES:Movies / Crime / Drama / Thriller
DIRECTOR:Graham Moore
CAST:Mark Rylance, Johnny Flynn, Zoey Deutch, Dylan O'Brien, Simon Russell Beale, Nikki Amuka-Bird, Alan Mehdizadeh, Johnathan McClain
Rating: 0
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The story of this film takes place in 1956. The focus of the audience will be the English cutter Leonard Beurling (Mark Rylance), he also owns a shop in Chicago. Leonard works with Irish mob boss Roy Boyle (Simon Russell Beale) to store their dirty money in his shop. The store also employs beautiful Mabel (Zoey Deutch) who is dating Roy's son Richie Boyle (Dylan O'Brien). But the girl is not at all interested in illegal business, she wants to quit everything and travel the world.

Leonard tolerates this gang in his brainchild just because they are his best clients. But soon one incident will lead to the fact that the main character will be drawn into the underworld. One night, Roy's assistant Francis (Johnny Flynn) brings an injured Richie to his shop. This criminal suffered at the hands of members of the rival criminal organization La Fontaine. In addition, Francis brought Burling a bag containing a copy of the FBI tape, which contains important information about the activities of the syndicate founded by Al Capone, which protects criminal gangs from the law.

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