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Choose or Die (2022)

Choose or Die (2022)

GENRES:Movies / Horror / Drama
DIRECTOR:Toby Meakins
CAST:Iola Evans, Asa Butterfield, Robert Englund, Angela Griffin, Ryan Gage, Eddie Marsan, Kate Fleetwood, Joe Bolland, Ioanna Kimbook, Silvana Montoya, Kayleen Aires Fonseca, Caroline Loncq
Rating: 0
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A bunch of losers find a retro toy that will change their lives from start to finish. They all need money for various needs. Someone wants to do everything to find a new home. Someone believes that he is ready for a lot just to become a member of the new show. Someone wants fame, someone wants wealth, and someone wants peace, but they will all become damned souls, since they can’t figure out what to do next so as not to suffer at all. You can't stop playing. Playing, you become the culprit of the fact that people are dying around. No one knows how to finish everything, and from that they suffer in conjectures, not knowing how to stop.

The girl who was sitting in the cafe was given the task of making a choice and she did. Just an innocent order - a cup of coffee and a glass of water, but the waitress did not convey her order to her and broke the dishes. The question immediately arose in the game - to break it up or remove it, like people are avatars, and the girl decides what to do. Frightened, she chose the harmless - clean up and witnessed how the waitress eats glass and cuts her mouth. This is not how she asked her to get out, but in this game everything is so. Whatever you choose, someone will still get hurt or someone will die, so how do you get out of it alive?

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