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Schitt’s Creek Season 7

Schitt’s Creek Season 7

GENRES:TV Shows / Comedy
CAST:Eugene Levy, Catherine O'Hara, Dan Levy, Annie Murphy, Emily Hampshire, Chris Elliott, Jennifer Robertson, Sarah Levy, Noah Reid
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Johnny Rose is an attractive, good-looking middle-aged man who has been considered a successful, influential and wealthy entrepreneur for a long period of time. In a short time, the main character managed to build an incredible gigantic successful career with his own independent hands. It becomes clear that the courageous fair businessman began his professional career thanks to a network of small video salons.
Gradually, the profits and benefits obtained turn the cunning cunning guy into a real tycoon who no longer thinks about numerous troubles and problems. A responsible dad is raising two growing kids: David is a typical American hippie, Alexis is an aspiring socialite. No one expected trouble, but at one fine moment an unforeseen catastrophe happens, as a result of which the family is on the verge of complete bankruptcy. Now, frightened, confused individuals are forced to change their place of residence, moving from the highest skyscrapers to a provincial area. The ancient clan did not realize that the difficulties and obstacles in life do not end.

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