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Captain America: Civil War (2016)

Captain America: Civil War (2016)

DIRECTOR:Anthony Russo , Joe Russo
CAST:Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Scarlett Johansson, Sebastian Stan, Anthony Mackie, Don Cheadle, Jeremy Renner, Chadwick Boseman, Paul Bettany, Elizabeth Olsen
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The events in the film The Avengers Split tell the viewer a new story of already beloved super heroes.
Several heroes under the leadership of Captain America are at the epicenter of a catastrophic event that shakes the whole world. The government puts the responsibility for these events on the avengers, and in order to avoid and prevent such disasters, all super heroes are invited to come out of the shadows and work officially for the government.
Steve Rogers is against the government's attempts to take control of the heroes and sees this as a violation of civil rights, and Tony Stark sees in this initiative a way out for all super heroes ... While the confrontation is going on in the camp of the avengers, a new villain, the mysterious Baron Zemo, appears on the horizon.

The film "Captain America: Civil War" tells us about the second world war. A young guy named Stephen really wants to go to the front with his friends from New York, but he is found to have many illnesses and he is denied all draft boards. After that, a German doctor draws attention to him, who has developed a certain serum that provides extraordinary opportunities. The guy is chosen for the experiment and the serum is injected into him. After the procedure, the guy gets stronger, but the US government never sends him to the front. He participates in fundraising events where people buy war bonds. Soon he gets to the front, where he frees his comrades and fights the Hydra group. This group studied magic and science, and managed to get hold of the mystical weapons of mass destruction. Stephen discovered the main base and with his faithful friends went on the assault. He was successful, but the Hydra leader escaped in his bomber. Stephen got into the car and caught up with the plane just before takeoff, he managed to jump onto the wheel. He fights the leader and sends him to another dimension. He then decides to scuttle the bomber in the ocean. Watch a great movie and get positive emotions.

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