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The Promised Neverland Season 3

The Promised Neverland Season 3

CAST:Sumire Morohoshi, Mariya Ise, Lynn, Shinei Ueki, Erisa Kuon, Ai Kayano, Mari Hino
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One day, a holiday came for one little girl - her foster parents take her away. Saying goodbye to the boys and girls, Connie went with Isabella out the gate. Seeing Connie's forgotten toy, which she never let go of her hands, Emma and Norman ran after her. However, the guys had to see an unimaginable horror: Connie's lifeless body lay in the car with the rest of the garbage. Overhearing the conversation of two monsters, Emma and Norman learned that the "Blessed House" is a factory for the production of high quality meat, raised for wealthy customers.
Seeing the true face of the "mother", the guys began to come up with an escape plan. But not everything is so simple. You can run away with the three of you, taking Ray's best friend. But for Emma, ​​saving all the children, without exception, became the initial task ...
As a result, Emma managed to realize Norman's brilliant plan. Having destroyed the orphanage, the kids remained on the territory of the “Blessed House”, who also need to be saved. Emma will definitely come back for them later. But Isabella's shelter is far from the only one, which means that all the unsuspecting hostages must be rescued. The adventures of Emma and her friends continue.

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