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Luna Nera Season 2

Luna Nera Season 2

GENRES:TV Shows / Drama / Sci-Fi
CAST:Nina Fotaras, Nathan Macchioni, Federica Fracassi, Astrid Meloni, Paolo Bernardini, Filippo Scotti, Adalgisa Manfrida, Giorgio Belli, Gloria Carovana, Giada Gagliardi
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The young seventeen-year-old Italian girl Ada of the plot "Luna Nera Season 2" had the good fortune to live in the difficult times of the 17th century, when the Inquisition was rampant everywhere. The limited knowledge of church servants and powerful nobles became the main reason for the destruction of people who think something in medicine, medicine, who understand herbs, and the correct use for various diseases. All these people instantly fell into the category of witches, witchers simply indulged in flames. The young lady Ade helped her grandmother, the midwife, to give birth to all the women in labor in the city indiscriminately. Women regularly performed their duties, helping the birth of babies, the people were grateful for such participation.
Once the midwives were called to give birth to the master's wife. When the fights lasted, the young beauty Ade felt trouble. The girl was sure of a difficult birth, as well as the death of a newborn heir to a huge fortune. When the baby came out wrapped in the umbilical cord, he was not breathing. The grandmother took all necessary measures, but the baby was stillborn. The blame for his death fell on the shoulders of the midwife and her assistant. The granddaughter is forced to run, hide, and the grandmother is burned at the stake, calling her a witch. The only one who protects the young ladies, the son of a man who hunted witches. Pietro studies medicine, so he perfectly understands what the process of childbirth is, how difficult it can be, the reasons that can kill the fetus. The runaway has to trust the boy. Their sudden meeting becomes fateful. A sudden flash of feeling mutually takes possession of young passionate hearts. And circumstances require extreme caution from lovers.

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