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Black Mirror Season 6

Black Mirror Season 6

GENRES:TV Shows / Crime / Drama / Sci-Fi
CAST:Daniel Lapaine, Hannah John-Kamen, Michaela Coel, Beatrice Robertson-Jones, Charles Babalola, Rory Kinnear, Toby Kebbell, Daniel Kaluuya
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"Black Mirror Season 6" will reveal the secrets of humanity's immersion in the world of digital technology. Earthlings create idols for themselves, the personification of which is Google, Microsoft, Apple and similar virtual structures that take over the human mind. Against the backdrop of political intrigues, the thin ice between government agreements can quickly collapse thanks to some kind of hacker. An individual, skillfully wielding the intricacies of the Internet, is able to destroy the usual existence of nations, guided by their own ambitions or beliefs. To a greater extent, the influence of technology on the minds of people, almost zombified by the acquired opportunities, who do not want to hear about the monstrous danger that awaits all the inhabitants of the planet in the near future, can be traced. Each unrelated episode will reveal and shock with unsightly surprises due to the pernicious influence of developing detailed possibilities. Looking back a little, a sober assessment of the situation will help. Each topic will become a terrible, but timely warning, especially after a close look at loved ones.
The hacker forces the head of the country to make a strange decision, making an unthinkable step, the official cannot rely on, he is fascinated. Another episode will show how people pedal, producing electricity for the population. Through the created virtual profile, it will be possible to communicate with dead people without claiming to be nearby. One of the fateful decisions for the convict is his unthinkably long stay away from home. This circumstance will be used as a theme for a virtual battle for the right to life. What can be taken from a society run by invisible puppeteers, pulling the strings, they skillfully prioritize the state level according to their own preferences.

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