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Van Helsing Season 6

Van Helsing Season 6

CAST:Christopher Heyerdahl, Rukiya Bernard, Aleks Paunovic, Kelly Overton
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Scarlett eventually leaves the island and makes it to the meeting point she arranged with Axl. They set out together, but are ambushed by day walkers while scouring for fuel. During the struggle, Scarlett spots a man walking by with a fishing rod and fish. Axel is blinded by gunshots during the fight and Scarlett takes him to the stranger's camp, where the stranger reveals that he doesn't care about the apocalypse because he trusts that God will protect him.
The man helps Scarlett treat Axel's wounds, including finding antibiotics, but Axel's fever worsens. Scarlett finds the Daywalker and forces him to bite Axel, healing Axel and giving him invulnerability shared by Julius and Phil. Scarlett and Axel go looking for Vanessa.
Meanwhile, Phil and Joelin are on the prison bus taking them to Lovelands when one of the inmates attacks the guard, grabbing his weapon. She kills the guards and the driver, allowing Phil and Joelyn to escape. They find a car and go to Lovelands to find Phil's wife.
Mohamad follows Vanessa, but is captured by Sam, who takes him to the Hall ahead of Vanessa. They fight until they are frozen by the Seer, who reveals that the fourth elder has yet to be created, that it will be either Sam or Vanessa after they sacrifice what they love. Sam kills Mohamad.
Scarlett says her destiny is to sacrifice herself, so she places the blade in Vanessa's frozen hand and stabs herself. Axel declares an undying hatred for Vanessa for allowing this to happen and leaves. The Seer turns Sam into an elder with goat horns.

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