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Groundhog Day (1993)

Groundhog Day (1993)

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Phil Connors is a meteorologist on the Pittsburgh PBH television channel, a reasoner and a cynic, he has long been tired of the monotonous work and has forgotten how to enjoy it. On February 1, Phil, along with new producer Rita Hanson and cameraman Larry, must travel to the town of Punxsutawney to report on Groundhog Day. If colleagues are happy to visit the holiday and unwind, then Phil, who has already gone on similar trips three times, is frankly bored.

After checking into a local hotel, on the morning of February 2, Phil wakes up at six in the morning to the radio alarm broadcasting the song "I Got You Babe". He goes to the city square, routinely conducts a report. After refusing to attend the festive ball, Phil returns to the hotel, hoping to return home as soon as possible. But a sudden blizzard covers all roads, it turns out to be impossible to leave, and Phil and his colleagues are forced to return to Punxsutawney.

The next morning begins the inexplicable. Waking up again at six in the morning to the same song from the radio alarm clock, Phil discovers that February 2 is on the calendar, and the same events are taking place around him as yesterday. Being completely bewildered, he goes to the groundhog festival, having again wetted his boots on the way and met a classmate, again makes a boring report, returns to the hotel again, goes to bed ... and wakes up on February 2 in the morning, at the same time and to the same song.

The next day doesn't come. After several repetitions, Phil unsuccessfully consults a neurologist, a psychiatrist (who suggests "come in tomorrow"). Realizing that his actions cannot have any consequences for him, Phil tries to enjoy the situation: he gets drunk and hooligans, overeats with sweets, meets and seduces the girl he likes, robs collectors and squanders money. It will soon get boring. Phil, driven to despair by a time loop, tries to commit suicide, even taking his namesake groundhog with him for the first time. Everything is useless - in the morning he wakes up in the same bed.

The tragedy of the situation is that no one around remembers what is happening. Phil tries to share his trouble with Rita. Knowing the town and its inhabitants inside and out, he declares to Rita: “I am a god!” and tells the biography of many Punxsutawney residents. Tells the story of the life of Rita herself, touching on very personal details. Rita has difficulty accepting his explanations and says that maybe this is not a curse, and he needs to change his outlook on life. They spend that day together, but nothing changes. Phil is gradually imbued with feelings for Rita and tries to declare his love. However, even the deepest knowledge of her personal life, which he learned during endless repetitions, does not help them get closer. Rita over and over again makes him understand that they can not be together.

Phil begins self-improvement. He tries to save a dying homeless old man. Learns French. Takes music lessons. Mastering medicine and the art of creating ice sculptures. The next day he completely devotes to good deeds: he saves the mayor of the city, who choked on a bone, helps elderly ladies whose car has broken down. When Rita arrives at the Groundhog Day ball, Rita sees Phil playing the synthesizer in a local band. Impressed by his transformation and everyone's attention, Rita buys Phil out during a mock bachelor auction. They spend evening and night together. The next morning comes "tomorrow" - February 3, and this means that the time loop has disappeared and he is freed. Phil decides to stay in Punxsutawney.

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