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I Am Number Four 2

I Am Number Four 2

CAST:Alex Pettyfer, Dianna Agron, Teresa Palmer, Timothy Olyphant, Kevin Durand, Jake Abel, Garrett M. Brown, Patrick Sebes, Emily Wickersham, Andy Owen, Brian Howe
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This time his name is John Smith, he looks like people and lives among them. Smith has been to many places, and his last resort in a small town was not the worst. He spent his whole life on the run, the main rule for him is not to shine, and he can be invisible. But his enemies are stubbornly looking for him, and not just like that, but with a specific goal - to kill, or rather, have already been found, in the first part of the film "I am the fourth".
John just met the girl Sarah, whom he fell in love with, and already we have to leave. If he were an ordinary person, maybe everything would be easier, but he is not a person, he is an alien. Yes, John Smith is not one of us, his abilities are frightening, and he still has to learn how to control his power. It was given to him not just like that, but for a specific purpose. So many sacrificed themselves so that he lived: John Smith from the planet Lorien. His planet was attacked by alien invaders. John, and eight others like him, were sent to Earth.
Now, after another attack, John and the girl at number six - Mairin must go on a journey to find the remaining four to jointly confront the Mogadorians - the invaders of their planet. Mairin comes to the aid of John at the right time, together they are stronger. No one even imagines what all nine are capable of, but there are already fewer of them, because the enemy does not sleep.

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