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Aftermath (2021)

Aftermath (2021)

GENRES:Movies / Horror / Drama / Mystery
DIRECTOR:Peter Winther
CAST:Ashley Greene, Shawn Ashmore, Jason Liles, Britt Baron, Sharif Atkins, Diana Hopper, Ross McCall, Paula Garcés, Alexander Bedria, Soraya Kelley
Rating: 2
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Natalie and Kevin are a married couple in crisis in their relationship. But they do not want to destroy their marriage, so they turn to a specialist for help. The psychotherapist advises them to change the environment, which can be the beginning of a new happy life. The heroes move to a cozy house, which seems to them to be just an ideal place. But soon Natalie notices a message on the mirror that was not left by her husband. In addition, she hears constant rustles that drive her crazy. Kevin attributes everything to stress and hallucinations, but perhaps their new home holds terrible secrets?

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