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Gravity Falls Season 3

Gravity Falls Season 3

DIRECTOR:Alex Hirsch
CAST:Jason Ritter, Alex Hirsch, Kristen Schaal, Linda Cardellini, Kevin Michael Richardson, Matt Chapman, Kari Wahlgren, John DiMaggio, Keith Ferguson, Gregg Turkington
Rating: 4
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Everything that we need to know.

Animated television series broadcast on Disney Channel and Disney XD. Author Alex Hirsch drew his inspiration from his childhood memories of the summer holidays which he spent with his sister in their grandfather's house. Also, the series was based on personal notes of the author from the popular Simpsons cartoon. Thus, he was able to attract not only children to the screens but also with the help of jokes, a fairly adult generation.
The series first appeared on the screens in June 2012, in 2014 it was announced that it would be extended for another season, after which, the creator announced that it would be the final. Each series is broadcast as it is completed.
Later, in 2016, on his Twitter page, the author made the publication of the sequel in the form of a comic book.

The plot which aroused great interest.

The story tells about the twins Dipper and Mabel, whom their parents sent for summer holidays to their grandfather Stan. Stan is the owner of a gift shop that attracts a lot of tourist attention. He adapts his grandchildren to work in it, which greatly upsets them. It would seem that summer was lost and nothing worse could be, but the children accidentally find a mystical diary in the forest. Which describes strange cases that once occurred in the city. And now for twins, life no longer seems so boring and hopeless. They decide to find out its secret, find the owner, but not everything is so simple, with every step to solve, they are getting closer to the dangers.

Opinion Critics and Ratings.

As soon as he appeared on the screens, it was met with good reviews from critics. Someone noticed that the series was rather silent and pounding, while others, on the contrary, called it "The best intellectual television show that was ever created."
The first episode was able to gather more than 3 million viewers from the screen. In the fifth episode, more than 3, 5th million, the season finale was able to win the attention of more than 2 million viewers.

All this says, about the great success of the series not only among ordinary viewers but also film critics. With his success, it was able to win more than 6 different awards.

Gravity Falls season 3, should we expect new adventures?

Appearing for the first time in 2014, and ending in 2016, the television series was able to win the hearts of millions. Which contributes to the appearance of requests and requirements from fans for its extension. In 2015, the author of this masterpiece announced that the second season will be the final, but he is also open to other interpretations of his creation (specially released episodes).
Gravity Falls season 3 release date is still under a lot of questions, and the likelihood of appearing at all.

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