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Dexter season 9

Dexter season 9

DIRECTOR:Jeff Lindsay, James Manos Jr., Lauren Gussis
CAST:Michael C. Hall, Jennifer Carpenter, David Zayas, James Remar, C.S. Lee, Luna Lauren Velez, Desmond Harrington, Julie Benz, Christina Robinson, Geoff Pierson
Rating: 1
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All that we know about Dexter.

The television series is based on the novel by Jeffrey Lindsay. It tells the story of the serial killer Dextor, who is also a judicial expert of the Miami police. Having witnessed the death of his mother, Dexter suffered the deepest psychological trauma, as well as inclinations to cruelty and murder. These are oddities in the child, noted by adoptive father, which working in the Miami police. He teaches him, directs his anger in the right direction, and punishes only criminals, also, he coaches his normal behavior, which later will allow him to live a normal life.

Growing up, he gets a job in the police, while very well imitating ordinary human emotions, which allows him not to stand out among other people. He even has a relationship with a girl named Rita, she is the mother of two children who suffered from constant beatings and violent sexual acts by her ex-husband. Which subsequently affected her not the ability to intimate life with a man. But Dexter is satisfied with everything since he does not think that he is able to imitate this kind of emotion.

Throughout all eight seasons, he assists in solving murders, while he himself is not the vowel executioner of the killers. But soon the police comes out on his trail too. In the last episode, Dexter fakes his death, which allows him to escape from justice.
Despite the fact that the series is shot according to the book, only the first season has something in common with it, all subsequent ones are radically different in the plot.

The impression that the series makes after itself

With the appearance on the screens, the series met with conflicting opinions. Someone considered him one of the best over the past decade, while others complained of excessive aggression. There were also requests not to show the series on free channels, since it would be available for children to watch. Which later may not have a good effect on their psyche. But the series was still released on Showtime in October 2006.
The last series of the fourth season, at the same time watched by more than 2.5 million people, which broke the record for the number of views over the past 10 years.

Recent seasons have not been so successful. At the same time, the series still did not lose its fans.
The series also won several awards.

Season 9, and what we should expect?

If the new season still appears on the screens, will the main character remain true to his principles in Dexter season 9? Given that in the finale we can watch the emitted death, and after we see an episode where our hero hides on a farm. This makes it possible, for continuation. He's alive! And I have to keep doing justice.

The actor, who played the role of Dexter (Michael Hall), also said that he would be happy to continue working on the new season. More than this, he also mentioned that end of the season, left many questions, and a place to continue. But at the moment, he has not yet heard about a decent scenario for continuation.
"Dexter season 9 release date" was not voiced, it will most likely past a couple of years before we see our hero on the screens again.

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