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Baptiste Season 3

Baptiste Season 3

GENRES:TV Shows / Crime / Drama
CAST:Tchéky Karyo, Fiona Shaw, Dorka Gryllus, Miklós Béres, Gabriella Hámori, Anastasia Hille
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A retired French detective now living in Amsterdam with his family comes to the aid of an Englishman searching for his missing niece, who has become addicted to drugs and prostitution through her connection to a Romanian gangster. Baptiste discovers that Edward is not who he claims to be and tracks down Natalie. But his attempt to hide the truth from Edward has tragic consequences for which he is responsible. Baptiste heads to London to find Edward's ex-wife.
Julien discovers the real reason behind Edward's involvement, forcing him to take drastic measures to protect his family. The Europol officer shows interest in the case. Baptiste runs into Martha over a secret she kept from him and sets out to find the money. Genevieve forces Edward to meet Constantine, only for him to ruin her plans by taking matters into his own hands.
Edward, who has fled to England, is being hunted. Meanwhile, Julien and Genevieve plot a daring plan to turn Constantine around and overthrow the Brigade. Edward deals with the aftermath of the murder. Baptiste does not know who to trust, believing that the level of corruption is greatly increased after the attempt to kill Genevieve and himself.

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