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Fleabag Season 3

Fleabag Season 3

GENRES:TV Shows / Comedy / Drama
CAST:Phoebe Waller-Bridge, Sian Clifford, Olivia Colman, Bill Paterson, Jenny Rainsford, Brett Gelman, Hugh Skinner, Andrew Scott, Hugh Dennis
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Fleabag returns, joining an uncomfortable family dinner to celebrate the engagement of his godmother and dad. Along with familiar faces - an uptight sister Claire and her alcoholic husband Martin - Fleabag finds herself intrigued by the Godmother's new priest. The evening comes to a tumultuous end when an unexpected attack brings old tensions back to life. The consultation brings out Fleabag's uncomfortable truth, and she ends up somewhere unexpected. Elsewhere, a conversation with Claire brings some bad news, Martin and Fleabag clash, and Jake wonders where Claire is.
Fleabag helps with an event at Claire's work that inevitably ends in disaster, but meeting Claire's colleague proves intriguing. A chance meeting with a stranger opens Fleabag's eyes. The priest prompts Fleabag to some quiet reflection, leading to an unexpected revelation. After a day spent looking back at painful memories, Fleabag seeks comfort but finds even more trouble.
Claire is in crisis and turns to Fleabag for help as a familiar face reappears in the cafe. Hilary makes a friend, Martin demands answers, and the Godmother and Dad's wedding hangs in the balance. The day of the wedding of dad and godmother arrived, and Fleabag decided to give them an all too familiar gift. Claire finally tells Martin that she doesn't love him after the revelation of her miscarriage, while Martin has a few home truths of his own. Fleabag convinces Claire to go after the man she truly loves. Fleabag and the priest finally confess their love for each other.

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