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Cry Macho (2021)

Scream Macho is a 1975 American novel by N. Richard Nash, published in the United States by Delacorte Press. The story was originally written as a screenplay titled Macho, but was later adapted into a novel after Nash failed to sell the screenplay.

Michael "Mike" Milo, 38, is a divorced alcoholic and accomplished rodeo star in Galveston, Texas. Suffering from tennis elbow and severe headaches, Mike arrives late for the rodeo stadium where he works, Polk Cow Stadium, owned by his boss Howard Polk. While attending an event where a rodeo cowboy tries to "saddle" a horse (an event he himself created to avoid being fired), Mike is trampled and hospitalized with a broken leg.

At the hospital, Mike recalls losing his parents at the age of five, dropping out of college after his grandparents died in a house fire, working alongside his first employer, Mr. a dozen horses, and his personal step towards becoming a rodeo cowboy.

A few weeks later, Mike is discharged from the hospital with a weak leg. Back at the stadium and getting ready for work, Mike is surprised to learn that he was fired. The next day, Mike learns that his ex-wife Donna is remarried. Saddened by this news, Mike sells most of his awards and valuables at a local bar.