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The Simpsons Season 33

The Simpsons Season 33
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00:45, 20 July 2021

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The Simpsons 33 season is a continuation of the legendary cartoon that everyone knows about. Once again we meet with amazingly curious characters from the most ordinary American family. The series has been a litmus test of American society for several decades, reflecting all imaginable and unthinkable vices and beliefs.

Only in the new season is Homer ready to change his beliefs, but not his love for the sofa and empty reasoning. The wife and children will continue to amaze with sparkling dialogues about how to live correctly, where you can make mistakes, and where you need to bypass religious views and rituals. Little Maggie - the youngest in the family has gifted abilities that he uses for other purposes.

Maggie's caustic and caustic humor makes all members of the Simpson family shudder and look at the world differently. Maggie owns a firearm, which greatly surprises her family and others. Bart is the eldest son, a typical truant, Lisa is his sister, plays the saxophone and studies well. All the interests of the family are veiled, and shown in an increased sarcastic form, which is often shocking and makes you see reality in a different light.

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