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No Time to Die (2020), Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Latest News

No Time to Die (2020), Release Date, Trailer, Cast and Latest News
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16:08, 27 August 2020

Good news for fans.

The appearance of news about the continuation of the legendary Bondiana was a real gift for lovers of this movie. The sequel is the 25th part of the film, which was loved by everyone. The story of the unique agent 007, with its first appearance on the screen, won the hearts of millions. Which made the viewer, again and again, expect a new story.

James Bond 2020, otherwise called No Time to Die 2020, is one of this year's most anticipated films.

Difficulties in the process of shooting, actors casting.

Even before the start of the filming process, the project changed several directors. After the last negotiations, Boyle Danny was appointed. But in less than 60 days, he refused his candidacy, which greatly failed the film crew. Now the premiere of the film was in great doubt. After long negotiations and searches, Cary Fukunaga was appointed.

Another complication was that the lead actor Daniel Craig also refused to act in the sequel. But after long negotiations, he nevertheless agreed. Rami Malek was also involved in the cast. The original date of the show was also postponed, due to the spread of the pandemic around the world. In April 2020, an advertising tour to China was also canceled, as this country was the epicenter of the infection. Such a transfer cost the creators about $40 million. First of all, this is due to the high costs of advertising.

These losses seemed expedient to the creators since film sites were closed around the world, the collection of funds from which is quite impressive.

Main plot details, music accompaniment.

The best agent who retired prematurely, now settled in Jamaica. But everything would be fine if a longtime friend did not appear on his doorstep, asking for help. In trouble was one of the famous scientists, it would seem that this is another simple matter for Bond. But this time his rival, it turns out to be a very strong enemy with the latest technological weapons. But can this be an obstacle to victory? The world is in danger again, and James is the only one who can save it.

The author and performer of the main musical theme were Billie Eilish. She became the youngest performer to record a soundtrack for Bondiana.
No Time to Die release date, officially postponed to November 2020.

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