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Best Magic Anime that conquered the hearts of many people

Best Magic Anime that conquered the hearts of many people
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19:25, 21 August 2020

We all love anime and are ready to watch all day. But everyone likes certain genres of anime. We provide you with the best magic anime. Here you will find the best magic school anime of all time. It was hard to choose from a huge collection of best magic fantasy anime.

1. Trinity Seven (2014)

Arata Kasuga finds out that the world she lived in was an illusion, some of her friends were not real. The city in which she lived has long been destroyed and her closest person, a cousin, disappeared. To find her, Arata enters the Royal Academy.

2.Rokudenashi majutsu koushi to akashic records (2017)

Sistine Fibel all her life dreamed of entering the Academy of Magic. Finally, the dream comes true and she enters the academy. With all her might, she tries to become a better magician, but one day her favorite teacher leaves and a lazy teacher named Glenn is sent for replacements. Sistin is disappointed, but the new teacher is the master of his craft.

3. Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance (2014)

In the new world, only chaste girls can summon spirits, for this an academy has been created. One day the director of the academy meets a guy named Kamito who can summon spirits. Inviting him to the academy, Kamito meets a girl, as a result of which the adventure begins.

4. Little Witch Academia (2013)

Akko, a little girl after the magic show Shiny Chariot decided to become a witch, despite the fact that there is no family in her family. A few years later, she enters the prestigious Luna Nova Academy of Magic. After the postulation, she begins a boring life. Classmates believe that she should not be here as she has no witches in the family. Everything changes after the attack on the academy. Akko must prove that it was not in vain that she got into this academy.

5. Meari to majo no hana (2017)

During the summer holidays, Mary's parents send her to a strange village where everyone is old. Due to the lack of peers, she becomes bored. One day Mary finds a magic flower in the forest and suddenly a broom takes her to the school of magic. She is mistaken at school for a newcomer from a powerful magical family.

6. Kuusen Madoushi Kouhosei no Kyoukan (2015)

In the distant future, magical insects populated the earth, which killed most of the population. In order to survive, people moved to air cities that floated in the sky. To return to earth, an air magic squad consisting of magicians was created. The best student magicians are gathered in the academy of the air city of Mistogan, and after several years of living in heaven, the authorities decide to return the earth back.

7. Majimoji Rurumo (2014)

One day, Kouta finds a book of summoning witches in the library. Deciding that this is a joke, he performs the ceremony and summons the witch Rurumo. She invites him to fulfill one desire in exchange for a soul. Kouta make a wish to meet Rurumo again. The wish was fulfilled on the day Rurumo fell from the sky right in front of him. He learns that she has been demoted to the rank of apprentice because she did not take her soul and now she has to fulfill 666 wishes of Kouta. With every desire, he will lose part of his life, and the fulfillment of his last wish he will die. What will Kouta do?

8. Binan Koukou Chikyuu Bouei-bu Love! (2015)

Two members of the Earth Defenders Club while taking a bath in an open spring meet a pink creature named Wombat and asks for strange things. Then another member of the Yumoto club comes who owns the source and gets to know Wombat. The next day, two members of the club, Io and Ryuu, also meet this creature, after which he gives all five bracelets and says that now the activity of their club is to protect the Earth.

9. Magic Kyun! Renaissance (2016)

In this world, magic is considered art, and magicians are artists. All artists make a living in show business. One day, a new student named Kohana Aigasaki is transferred to the Hoshinomori School of Magic Arts, where future artists are trained. She immediately attracts attention. Her goal is to become a super star through magic.

10. Mahoutsukai Precure! (2016)

The story of a little girl who strives to become a good witch

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